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Are you looking for a designer?

I am a digital designer with many years of experience across fashion and graphic design. I have always had an interest in computer applications, particularly adobe illustrator and Photoshop. A particular strength of mine is CAD especially with repeat prints and graphics. I am currently studying UX and UI design in order to create the visible aspects of a brand from logo design to product to web design. By working continuously with a client I am able to visualise their ideas. I have an excellent attention to detail and extremely strong interpersonal skills. I am currently located in Canada but available for remote work. I am Native language english and also able to speak French at B1 CERF level

Looking for my next
to make your vision
a reality.

I'm currently the Digital Design Lead for SAP. A new womenswear brand. Where I create all digital design contact across website, Social & packaging

I am freelance designer for MY URBAN TRAIL & A.Z CLOTHING two new online clothing brands. This role includes the creation of the logo, garment designs, comunicating with factories on production and technical specifications CAD's & creating functional and aethetic websites, which I then train the clients to be able to use and amend on their own. I also work with an established Ski & Snowboard apparel brand for garment & Print design. I am also currently working on a project with a couple building an online store for nursery items & baby clothing.


My Current projects

My Skills and Role 

Interpersonal skills - I work well alone but better as part of a team and have excellent relation with both management and colleagues.

Branding - from my years of graphic design, from concept to logo, packaging, product, website making sure things never get lost in translation

Wireframing - Im constantly researching other websites and when i see something I don't know and I like! I add it to my extensive database of mock ups and ideas.

Time management - My experience working in the design supplier industry I had to design for 27 different customers at any one time, so i learnt to multitask and prioritise extremely proficiently. 

UI skills :

  • mood board

  • branding

  • primary screens testing

  • style guide

  • key features

  • feedbacks

  • final screens

UX skills :

  • project proposal

  • design experience

  • competitor analysis

  • user research

  • user flow

  • low fidelity wireframes

  • high fidelity wireframes

Media - Im constantly investigating new media platforms to ensure iI am up to date with the most information to be able to create the best product.

Software - Adobe illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe indesign, Microsoft suite, Figma , Sketch & Adobe XD 

Organisation skills - If you saw my laptop filing system you would be impressed. and yes my wardrobe is also colour co-ordinated

What I can do to help Your Brand.

Whether it is to update your existing brand or to begin a new journey on a new start up i can help. I have years of experience within design and I believe being a well rounded designer I ca make your vision come true much more easily that have multiple people invested and things getting lost in translation.

I am extremely motivated but I am aware this is your idea had creation and I'm not looking to take over that. I am an excellent listener and pride myself on having a great understanding of other people and their likes and dislikes very early on into projects. (possibly my years in stand up comedy has made me almost intuitive to others)


Things I can do for you:

  • Logo design

  • Graphic / prints

  • Illustrations

  • Factory contacts and advice

  • Garment design

  • Technical garment packs

  • UX design

  • UI design

"Yes zara this all sounds great" However I have some things I'm just not good at or qualified or experienced enough to do for you, and I would rather be upfront and honest about those things.

Things I can not do for you:


  • Copywriting - Im dyslexic, so I would not be the best person to write your blog posts.

  • Code writing and creation - although self taught I'm not at a level to do this service.

If this all sounds good for you I cant wait to hear from you and make your vision (with the added advise of an experienced designer) into a reality!

Clients & Collaborations

Keyboard and Mouse



download and fill out the band

questionaire and lets build this together